*  Good afternoon Nirmal,  From my perspective I found the mediation to be informative, fair, and a very smooth process.  My experience with you as an attorney was exceptional.  I appreciate your consistent communication, you were fair and honest, and  most importantly empathetic.  The divorce documents were detailed, professional, and easy to interpret.  I would highly recommend you and your staff for anyone that has reached a divorce point in their marriage.  Thank you for assisting me through an extremely difficult life event.  Edith B

*  Good morning Nirmal,  Words cannot express my gratitude for your professionalism and grace you’ve granted us. Sincerely, Edith B

*  Thank you for all your help.  The process went smooth and easy, not stressful at all, so I appreciate that.   I still believe issues with marriages can be worked out but both parties have to be willing to do so; if not, I would truly recommend you; the process went well.  Thanks again; peace and joy be with you and your family,  Monique W

*  Nirmal,  Thanks for everything.  It went really well.  I would highly recommend using your services.  You definitely gave us the impression that you have a deep understanding and a ton of experience with divorce law and the process.  We both walked away feeling like the agreement we landed on was in the best interest of our kids and was fair to both of us.  I thought it was a good value for the money.  Thank you!!!  Joe M

*  Hello Nirmal, everything went very smoothly.  We were able to provide the court with all the information they requested from your documents with no problems.  Thank you again for all of your help with this matter.  Have a great day.  Chris B

*  Hi Nirmal,  Everything went pretty smooth today in court.  Thank you for all your help on this from both of us!  Amber W

*  Nirmal,  Thank you for taking care of us so quickly--your help was/is greatly appreciated.  Fair warning, I might be calling you again--you never know when you might need a good lawyer!  Take care.  Angie C

Thank you Nirmal.  We both learned a lot from our time with you, and it has helped to open up new dimensions in our communication that will benefit us well beyond the divorce.  Thank you for sharing your peacemaking with the world.  I hope that you have the chance to mentor or teach other divorce mediators.  Best,  Carly L

I highly value . . . [my wife] and I working through the divorce process without the two of us becoming antagonist.  I appreciated your work and effort in helping us reach that goal.  Thanks,  Pete K


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