At Divorce & Estate Planning Services we provide the following services at an affordable cost:

Divorce & Post-Divorce Modification Services:  Through the process of mediation, we help the parties address and come to an amicable agreement on all the issues relevant in their divorce or post-divorce modification.  We then prepare the various, necessary legal documents (called pleadings) to enable the parties to go through a fast-track, uncontested divorce or modification proceeding in Court. 

Family & Divorce Mediation Services:  As you know, it is stressful and corrosive for a family that is engaged in serious disagreements over issues of child custody and support, parenting options, maintenance (alimony), property and debt division, finances and debt management, and the like.  And, the good news is, it does not have to be that way, even if the family is in the middle of a highly contested, never-ending divorce or modification proceeding.  Our experience has shown that mediation can help resolve the serious differences, facilitate the family members to come to an agreement, and enable the family to move beyond the conflict.

Estate Planning Services:  It is never too early to have an estate plan in place, because it is very important to make sure that one's assets are passed on to one's loved ones without the need to probate; that one's spouse, minor children and stepchildren are provided for; that a legal guardian is designated for minor children in the event both parents are deceased; that someone trustworthy is designated to make healthcare and other important decisions when one is incapacitated; that one's end-of-life wishes are clearly expressed; etc.  A well-thought-out estate plan ensures peace of mind.  We prepare Wills, Trusts, Beneficiary Deeds, Quit-Claim Deeds, Healthcare Directives (Living Wills), Durable Powers of Attorney, and Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements.

To Set an Appointment:  Please give us two dates and times that work for you, and we'll accommodate you for one of those two dates.  Our last appointment in the day is at 6:30 p.m.  Also, we ask that our clients have a 2-hour block of time available for the mediation session. 

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